Cajun Accent has been playing together with its current members for little better than 4 years now, but it started evolving as a band over 5 years ago. Gerald Thibodeaux and Vincent Romero were already playing together when Ken Stewart joined the band as their fulltime accordian player. Later, Larry Comeaux started filling in when the band's regular drummer couldn't make it due to prior commitments. Eventually, Lasry became the band's fulltime drummer. Next to be added to the lineup was Justin Cormier on the steel guitar. Although the band had no real intention of adding a steel guitar, Justin is such a telented young musician that he was invited to come to our regular job at Landry's Seafood Restaurant in New Iberia to sit in with the band. He became such a regular that we wanted to keep it that way. Finally Jody Breaux, our bass player, was added to the group. Some songs had already been written and waiting to be worked on so it was decided that the band would start working on a CD. The decision was made that every effort to have all new material would be made. It was a slow process. It took over two years to be able to write music, rehearse the material, and then get into the studio to record. Finding a place to record where it was both affordable and commitment free ("contract") was the first obstacle. The band had other mishaps along the way. As five of the six members have regular jobs, the difficulty of getting everyone together on the same day at the same time proved to be a hinderance whether it be for rehearsal or for recording sessions. Once the band made it into the studio, Vincent had an attack of appendicitis, had surgery, and went through a period of recuperation. With most of the members never having recorded anything, the experience had its low moments, glaring errors, and moments of elation when something actually worked out correctly. Two back to back hurricanes in 2008 set the band's efforts back more. Eventually, through stubborn and determined persistence, the CD was completed in early 2009 and named Cadien Au VillageWe hope (Cajun Comes To Town).

We hope that what we have to offer will be acceptable to the majority of listeners, pleasing to some and at the very least, recognized by all as a sincere effort on our part to contribute to our very rich but endangered Cajun heritage. Our heritage is too precious to be allowed to sit and stagnate or to disappear through apathy. Every person of Cajun decent should be making every effort to share something of our heritage with our youth or any interested person whether it be music, the language, cooking skills, art etc.

Let's all join together and show the world that there are no people more committed to who they are and where they come from than the Cajuns of Louisiana (or wherever you happen to be living at the moment).


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